All new vehicles purchased at Frank Fletcher Honda include a FREE lifetime powertrain warranty. No other local dealer can match our prices and lifetime warranty terms. Come see the Frank Fletcher difference for yourself! 

Do you know the average out-of-pocket costs for these vehicle repairs?


What are the out-of-pocket costs for these repairs with the Frank Fletcher Honda Lifetime Powertrain Warranty?
  • NOTHING! All of these repairs are covered!

What are the five benefits of the Frank Fletcher Honda Lifetime Powertrain Warranty?
  1. Peace of Mind! Every new Honda that is purchased at our dealership includes the FREE Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.
  2. Unlimited Time - Unlimited Miles - $0 Deductible
  3. Service your Honda ANYWHERE you choose.
  4. Repairs can be made at ANY Honda Dealership or approved repair facility.
  5. Only Honda recommended maintenance needed - Nothing Extra required.

Lifetime Warranty Coverage

This lifetime powertrain warranty is exclusive to Frank Fletcher Honda. Your lifetime warranty covers the powertrain components listed below. This is a partial list of only the most prominent and costly components to replace. Your covered components will vary based on the specifications of your specific vehicle.

Gasoline Engine: 
  • Cylinder block and all internal parts
  • Cylinder head assemblies
  • Gears and Sprockets
  • Vibration damper
  • Oil pump
  • Intake and exhaust manifolds
  • Flywheel with starter ring gear
  • Core Plugs
  • Valve covers
  • Oil pan
  • Turbocharger housing and internal parts (if available)
  • Turbocharger wastegate actuator
  • Supercharger
  • Seals and gaskets for listed components only
  • Transmission case and all internal parts
  • Torque converter
  • Drive/flex plate
  • Transmission range switch
  • Transmission control module
  • Bell housing
  • Oil pan
  • Seals and gaskets for listed components only
Front Wheel Drive:
  • Transaxle case and all internal parts
  • Axle shaft assemblies
  • Differential cover
  • Oil pan
  • Transaxle speed sensors
  • Transaxle solenoid assembly
  • PRNDL position switch
  • Transaxle electronic controller
  • Torque converter
  • Seals and gaskets for listed components only
All Wheel Drive (AWD):
  • Power transfer unit and all internal parts
  • Viscous coupler
  • Axle Housing and all internal parts
  • Driveshaft and axle shaft assemblies
  • Differential carrier assembly and all internal parts
  • Output ball bearing
  • Output flange
  • End Cover
  • Overrunning clutch
  • Vacuum motoro
  • Torque tube
  • Pinion spacer and shim
  • Seals and gaskets for listed components only
Four-Wheel Drive (4x4):
  • Transfer case and all internal parts
  • Transfer case control module and shift mode motor assembly
  • Axle housing and all internal parts
  • Axle shafts
  • Axle Shaft bearings
  • Drive shaft assemblies (Front and Rear)
  • Drive shaft center bearings
  • Universal joints and yokes
  • Disconnect housing assembly
  • Seals and gaskets for listed components only

Questions and Answers

Q: How much does the lifetime warranty cost?

A: The warranty is free of charge plus it comes with a $0 deductible.


Q: Does my vehicle need to be maintained at Frank Fletcher Honda?

A: No, all necessary maintenance on your vehicle can be performed by yourself or any service provider you choose.  Simply follow the recommended maintenance schedule in your Honda owner's manual and retain copies of your receipts and/or service repair orders.


Q: If I am out of town and need to have repairs made on my vehicle, do I have to bring it back to Fletcher Honda?

A: Absolutely not, any covered repairs can be performed at a location approved in advance by Frank Fletcher Honda.


Q: If I do have to have my vehicle serviced at another service center, are there any additional out of pocket costs?

A: There are no extra charges or fees associated with servicing your Honda at another location.


Q: Don't new vehicles already come with a powertrain warranty?

A: Yes, new Honda vehicles come with a factory powertrain warranty for 5 years and 60,000 miles but our lifetime warranty will take care of all covered repairs for as long as you own the vehicle regardless of age or miles.

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