Brake Pads are an Important Part of Safety

Brake pads play an essential role in the safety of your vehicle while you are driving. They serve as a buffer between other moving parts when your foot depresses the brake pedal to stop, namely the calipers and the rotors. These pads are in constant use, which is why your brakes wear out after a certain point.

In addition to helping stop your vehicle, brake pads also keep noise and dust down. There isn't a one-size-fits-all: brake pads of different vehicles need specific pads. Semi-metallic and ceramic are the two most common types, however, you may now also find…

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How to Choose the Best Type of Floor Mats for Your Vehicle and Lifestyle

Do you have a vehicle that needs some new accessories? Some accessories, such as floor mats, wear out. Thankfully, you can purchase new ones. But you'll probably want to know the difference between the two kinds. At Frank Fletcher Honda Bentonville, we've put together the positives and negatives of both to help you can make the best decision for your vehicle and lifestyle.

The biggest benefit of rubber mats is that they are very durable. They're easy to clean, with just a spray of water with the hose doing the trick. You might find that you love…

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Does Your Car Need Suspension Maintenance?

If you feel as though your car is dipping or bouncing too much as you are driving around Bentonville, then there's a good chance you are suffering from a failing suspension system. This system serves two very important purposes in your car. The handling of your vehicle and minimizing vibrations and bumps are both directed through this area.

If you feel as though you are seeing more bouncing, or your car feels like it's leaning when you take even a slight corner, it's likely that your suspension is going. These kinds of symptoms are not something that…
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Warning Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Brake Fluid

Many drivers completely forget about changing their brake fluid because this maintenance task only needs to be done once every few years. Unfortunately, that can result in catastrophic breakdowns, expensive repairs, and dangerous accidents. Here are a few signs that your brake fluid is ready to be flushed and replaced.

You should be able to “feel” the brake fluid every time you press down on the brake pedal. If the pedal feels mushy or unresponsive, then it is time to have a mechanic inspect the entire braking system. Depending on the make and model of your...


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Vent Caps and Coolant Temperature

The heating furnace that exits within your engine cylinders pumps out plenty of calories as it operates. The motor is dependent on the cooling system to control this heat and to keep operating temperatures within preset limits.

The main component that all else depends on is the engine coolant. This tough liquid must withstand both high and low temperatures while retaining the ability to keep the motor cool.

The temperatures of the engine can actually raise coolant temperatures past dangerous levels even with the intervention of the radiator. In order to maintain...

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How to Jump-Start Another Car

Keeping a set of jumper cables with your vehicle’s emergency kit is a practical way to round it out. They require little space and are inexpensive. Jump-starting a vehicle requires a basic understanding of the positive and negative currents of electricity. Beyond that, they are straightforward to use.

The two ends of the cable set each contain one negative and one positive cable. The red, or positive, cable is attached first to the positive terminal on the dead battery. It typically has a “plus” sign at the terminal. Once you connect, be careful not to let any other cable…

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The Sizing Code On Your Tires Is Easier To Read Than You Might Think

The sizing code on the sidewalls of your tires provides some critical pieces of information. That is, if you know how to read it. Which many people actually don't. But when it comes time to replace your tires, being able to read this code can be very beneficial.

To give an example of how this code breaks down, a tire size code that reads P215/55R17 translates to:
  • P - Passenger vehicle type of tire.
  • 215 - Tire width. This particular tire would be 215 millimeters wide.
  • 55 - Aspect ratio. The height of this tire would be 55% of its width…
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Simple Tips For Regular Tire Maintenance

Properly maintaining your tires is essential to safe driving and getting the most mileage out of each tire. The good news is it is not complicated to regularly maintain your tires. Here are some simple tips that will keep your tires rolling at maximum efficiency.

Although most tires are built for durability, they will not last long if you do not keep them properly inflated. You should check your tire pressure at a minimum of once per month. Most manufacturers will give you a recommendation as to how much air you should keep in each tire. Make sure that you…

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Online Financing Applications Are So Easy

Many people in the United States of America buy their cars, vehicles, and other assets with loans. Doing so is perfectly acceptable if you’re responsible with debt, although a large portion of people in the country isn't very good with debt – the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

As financing is at an all-time high in our country, so are the processes dealerships require patrons to adhere to. Rather than dealing with these outdated processes, you could always visit our website and finance a vehicle for our organization.

When you trust our online process...
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