Vent Caps and Coolant Temperature

The heating furnace that exits within your engine cylinders pumps out plenty of calories as it operates. The motor is dependent on the cooling system to control this heat and to keep operating temperatures within preset limits.

The main component that all else depends on is the engine coolant. This tough liquid must withstand both high and low temperatures while retaining the ability to keep the motor cool.

The temperatures of the engine can actually raise coolant temperatures past dangerous levels even with the intervention of the radiator. In order to maintain cooling liquids at specific temperatures, the entire system must be pressurized.

This is where the radiator vent cap comes into the picture. This diminutive part works by releasing and controlling internal cooling system pressures. By keeping these energies at carefully set limits, the vent cap actually simmers the coolant down.

It is easy to see how important vent cap maintenance can be, but there is more than meets the eye to this process. To properly test caps and internal cooling system integrity, specialized pressure testing machine need to be enlisted.

As it so happens, at Frank Fletcher Honda Bentonville in the Bentonville, AR area, our certified cooling system technicians can apply their skills and technologies to your cooling system needs. For a fast and no-obligation conversation, drive by our place today.

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