What to Know About Dashboard Warning Lights

Here at Fletcher Honda Bentonville, we recommend that all drivers have a basic knowledge of the most common dashboard warning lights. When warning lights indicate, it shows the occurrence of a fault in the vehicle. The lights do not show where the problem is in the system. You will need a proper diagnostic appointment to determine the exact cause or location of an issue. You can check your Honda car manual for a handy guide or bring your vehicle in to our service center for professional assistance.

Battery lights may indicate there is a problem in the car’s charging system. The common cause is a broken alternator belt where the battery lights stay on the dashboard on the whole drive. Yellow lights indicate a problem on the engine that needs some servicing or a check. Your check engine light requires immediate attention from a trained professional. We encourage you to not ignore this indication. Engine check ignorance is likely to damage the car and risk the life of the driver.

There are many warning lights a driver has to decipher. The main thing is to understand that the car needs a thorough check when the warning lights indicate. Reading car manuals gives the best understanding. Visit our Honda dealership here in Bentonville soon to learn more!

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