The Keys to a Successful Holiday Road Trip

Having a successful holiday road trip means safely getting to your destination on or before you had planned. If you want to make this happen, you need to plan for potential trouble today so you can easily handle any issues on the road. The Fletcher Honda Bentonville team is eager to share several road trip-readiness tips with you today!

  1. Pack a set of jumper cables just in case the car battery fails and you need someone to give you a quick jump.
  2. An empty gas can in the car means that anyone can drive you to get gas, and you don't have to wait for that one driver carrying their own can.
  3. Bring a gallon of engine coolant to take care of a car engine that overheats.
  4. Pack a roll of duct tape because it can be helpful making some small repairs.
  5. Be sure that you have the washer fluid filled and wiper blades changed.

Visit our Honda service center in Bentonville, AR to get your car a holiday check-up. We look forward to helping you enjoy your upcoming holiday festivities!

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