Lease vs. Loan—What Matters When Deciding How to Acquire a New Honda

When weighing the decision about acquiring a new car, there’s plenty to consider. Cost of ownership, including monthly payments, interest, gas, and maintenance are some of them. But even though Honda vehicles have a reputation for low cost of ownership, whether or not to opt for a loan or lease may still be on your mind.

We can help! The first step would be to fill out our finance application to get an idea of your credit. From there, based on the model and trim you want, we can tailor a lease or loan agreement to fit your driving needs. If you’d prefer to own your car outright with no annual mileage limits, a loan might be your best bet. But leasing has its benefits, too!

Leasing is a great option for shoppers who want a clear picture of cost-of-ownership ahead of time. A newer car not only has a lower chance of costly repairs early in its life cycle, and monthly payments are based off of eclipsed residual value rather than total price and interest. That makes leasing a great fit for those who are shopping on a budget, change cars frequently, or prefer to “date” a model before deciding on a purchase.

We can help you decide which option is best for your driving needs and budget. To get started vetting your new car, contact the sales team at our Honda dealership in Bentonville, AR. We can answer any questions you have!

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