Honda Envisions a Greener Future with Alternative Energy Platform

Dependency on limited resources is an issue that Honda clearly recognizes. It is for this reason that it offers more green-car alternatives within its collection than many of its competitors. In fact, there are currently three eco-conscious variants produced by the company, some of which are even available at Frank Fletcher Honda.

Of the three options, the hybrid car is perhaps the best known. It utilizes energy from an electric motor as well as a combustion engine for mobility. Another commonly known option is the battery electric car. As suggested by its name, it uses an internal source of power, and it produces zero emissions unlike the former. Last is the fuel cell car which is the latest innovation within the sustainability stratosphere. Propelled by hydrogen energy, it presents a cleaner ride with water and heat as its only byproducts.

In this way, Honda makes it easier for drivers like you to get your hands on an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. So find out what models are now on sale and visit us at our Honda dealership in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

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